Payment Solutions

Offer your customers the option of paying by Bitcoin and other digital payment methods.


Create bespoke mechanisms to integrate alternative payments to your business infrastructure.


We can help your company discover the possibilities and potential in using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How we can help...

Explore the opportunities!


Give your customers one more option to pay – expand your audience and save on processing fees!


Increase your margin by receiving payments without a middleman. Make your products available worldwide!


Find out how to use crypto-currencies along with the current financial system. Innovate to attract more customers and increase their satisfaction.


Get ability to collect payments from customer at the doorstep or even outside. No more hassle with change or trust issues with credit cards and cash.

Gain exposure

Accepting bitcoin as payment through your store will help you capture a share of an emerging market of shoppers who are looking for places to spend their bitcoins.

Low or zero fees

Avoid credit card processing fees. Bitcoin payments are low or even free, giving you the opportunity to pass those savings to your customers with competitive pricing.

No fraud or chargebacks

Bitcoin transactions are backed and protected by a global network. This guarantees that you can accept payments from anyone, in any country, without worrying about fraud or chargebacks.

Why we love bitcoin


Fast global payments

Bitcoin payments can be transferred across the globe withour borders, limits, delays or high fees, all within just 10 minutes.

Multiple devices

You can easily setup our bitcoin payment processor in your physical shop by using a smartphone, tablet or POS device without adding extra expenses towards new hardware.

No PCI compliance regulations

Accepting bitcoin for e-commerce transaction only requires a secure wallet and payment request, so you will not need extensive security checks or extra costs for PCI compliance regulations.


Top-up your mobile phone using Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar and more

in over 100 countries worldwide.

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